Are All Christians Really Rude, Obnoxious, Judgemental and So On?

Huge numbers of un-saved & un-believing people of World (those outside of the Salvation of Christ) paint Christians or Christianity as the most vile existence on Earth. In third world countries they get persecuted and murdered. Whats worse is that the reaction from many people is that of great joy at such persecutions. It’s sickening as it is just plain sadistic, but nonetheless it is a sign of the End Times. Now I have met and known a number of Christians and I have known a lot of non-Christians, whether they be secular or those of other faith practices. I have known kind people in both sectors. However, by far, my favorite people in this doomed and Satanically plagued world would have to be Christians! Over the last 20 or so years, I have known numbers of Christian men & women to be forgiving, compassionate, caring, loving, gracious, and self sacrificial. I have also known some Christians to be hateful and full of snares. Between these two sectors, the positive number outweighs the negative. Compared to other faith sectors, secular areas and cults, the amount of Christian positive behaviors and conducts far outweigh the actions and attitudes of those in all other outside groups.

And Christians aren’t just kind and generous to their own brothers & sisters within their Ark of Faith. I also know Christians who will dig into their wallets and sums of money to non-Christians who just ask. Even if the Christian knows the person is probably “on the take,” they are still likely to be generous to them. On the flip side I also know Christians or “So-Called Christians” in varying faiths (Catholic & Protestant) who will NOT help a beggard or their own brothers & sisters in their churches? Why? Here is the most common excuse for such behavior: (1) “We don’t know if that person is a smoker or a drinker or a druggist and will most likely spend on our money on such habits. We don’t want to enable them and end up in trouble with GOD.” My response: How do you know that? Did you ask them? Did they tell you they were going to spend “your money” on such habits and/or addictions? No. Yet you “assume” they will. Put yourself in their shoes, ask for money and have a total stranger< who claims they love GOD, say to you they won’t help you out because they “assume” you will “blow that money” on drugs. You tell them you won’t spend “their money” on bad habits but their response is “We don’t know that!” How would that make you feel? Think about it.

However, as far as Christian generosity is concerned of many Christians, people in the world know this to be true. If Christians are so rude, selfish and obnoxious, why is it that people still come to churches when they’re in need? Where are your worldly governments when you are homeless or in need of food? Where are your Non-Christian religions? Why don’t you walk in a worldly business and say, “Can I help you out? I can’t pay my bills this month and face the possibility of eviction. Will you please help me with some funds or at least pay some of those bills for me?” You would get laughed at or kicked out of the business in a belligerent manner. Then you would be told that if you came back again, the police would be called and you be charged. Some help.

Regardless, we still we hear that Christians are the most judgmental and vile people in the world. Here are some factors we will examine:


(A) Are All Christians Who Attend Church “Christians?”

Though it may be true that waiters and waitresses hate Sundays because Christians are poor tippers and I have seen this happen, the Christians who have not given tips were “Cult Christians” who believe in “The Exclusivity Doctrine.” The Exclusivity Doctrine is a doctrine by many cults that believe that they are “The One & Only True Church” and everyone outside of it including other Christians, are false, inferior and doomed. I used to be in such groups with such thinking inside of a box or a bubble. I know this to be true. They have a superiority complex. However, as for other Christians, in more peaceful Christian faiths being cheapskates is concerned and not tipping servers, I don’t know what to say to that – except to say that they have issues. And if vanity is their excuse, it’s no exuse.

However, please understand that Christians who attend churches or tabernacles on Sundays are not all Christians. Just because the people at the table on a Sunday afternoon have reasonably presentable attire and are all smiles, does not mean they are Christians. They may be visitors or may be “make-believers.”

Being a Christian doesn’t mean “just believing.” The Bible says that demons also believe and tremble. Being a disciple of Christ is one who tries, as best as they can to put into practice what they believe. They are a follower and a doer of Jesus Christ. Nobody will listen to anyone, whether they be Christian or of any outside belief system, who “claims” to “believe” but has nothing to show for what they claim to believe. Such a person is worse than an infidel who doesn’t believe in anything.

Jesus was a compassionate, kind, loving, and generous Savior. He taught His disciples to be kind, loving, and generous. If someone doesn’t live that way, they’re not really following Christ. It would be erroneous to assume all these rude people that run around in fancy clothes, who live in big expensive homes and who drive fancy cars on Sunday afternoons are Christians.


(B) Are Christians Perfect?

The World has this erroneous idea that Christians are supposed to be perfect. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact, if they took the time to examine the Scriptures they would learn that the Bible says “We all fall short of the glory of God.” Now, it may be possible that you may have had a bad experience with a genuine follower of Christ, however let us consider that you may have caught him or her on a bad day. Maybe the Christian lost their job or maybe their was a death in their family. Ever consider they may have been diagnosed with a deadly disease? Think about it.

Sure, you may have had a bad day of your own, but Christians have bad days as well and are just as human as you are. Are you looking for perfection? You won’t find it on Planet Earth. Sorry. You want perfection? Heaven contains perfection. Don’t you have rough days or moments? We all do. If someone doesn’t return a casual, “Hello,” or they just walk by me and saying nothing, I could assume that person is rude. Or, I could give them the benefit of the doubt and suggest to myself that maybe he or she was having a bad day and their mind was somewhere else. I’m sure they didn’t mean to be that way and brush me off. Yet the World expects perfection. They won’t get it. Not here. Not on this planet. Not in this garden.

Now there is no excuse for rude behavior, yet we all do it at some time or another. I’m no exception. I can come across as quite heated at times. Now by this point you may thinking the words, “See?! What did I tell you?!” Well, look at yourself and the world around you as well. You may be surprised at what you see. You may see that a bunch of them act worse. If not, look around. Can we give Christian people some compassion? You have no idea what is going on in someone’s life. Their may be a tragedy in their life happening at that moment. What if he had just lost his job? You don’t have any idea what is going on in that person’s life. So, how about cutting them a bit of leeway?

No Christian is perfect my friend. We are all under construction by the Lord.


(C) What Makes a Christian Crude or Obnoxious?

Quite a number of times, people think Christians are obnoxious because Christians won’t give them whatever they want and whenever they want it. Genuine Christians believe our money and resources belong to the Lord and we are just spiritual custodians. Being a spiritual custodian means making wise choices with what has been entrusted to us as followers of Christ. Have you considered the fact that giving you whatever you want may not be the best thing a Christian could do with the money God has given him? Have you ever considered that a Christian giving you whatever you want and when you want tit may not even be in “your” best interests? Think about it. Financing sinful behavior, enabling people, or even rewarding poor service at a restaurant – are not Christian virtues and good codes of conduct or order. How so? The Scriptural passage of 2 Thessalonians 3:10 explains this.

There are people who curse out us Christians because we could not or would not pay their utility bills or help them with buying groceries. So let me see if I can get this straight here. An individual doesn’t take care of his or her responsibilities. They end up getting in trouble for the misuse of their own hands. Then as a result, they curse and yell at us and the Christian is the one who is being harsh and unloving? That doesn’t seem logical, does it? In fact that is quite erroneous.

Many true Christians love helping people. They love to give to others. Many Christians love to be a blessing to people. However, the simple fact remains: Christians have many obligations and cannot afford to give the whole world everything they want. Nor would it be wise to do so, even if we could do that. We do our best to provide Scriptural principles in our lives.

Yet, what does the world do to you? How does it help you? Does it even help you? Do your governments help you? Do they give you food, clothes and homes? or do they kick you to the curb? What about your Non-Christian faiths and Cults? Do they help you? Or do they kick you to the curb for doing something simple as smoking tobacco?


(D) Are We Christians Really All Judgemental?

Sure, numbers of Christians can be this way. But look at how the World treats Christians. You may have to conclude that the hatred towards Christians vastly outranks the hatred of Christians towards Non-Believers. Do a majority of Christians do Jihads to unbelievers? Do Christians murder Homosexuals, Prostitutes or anyone else who disbelieves in them? Do Christians kick doors down like Nazi Brown Shirts and attack Non-Christians with threats and lawsuits? No. Yet others of different faiths and varying secular factions persecute and are judgemental to us. 

There are varying factions who are trying to tread over our rights by not allowing us to pray publicly, or who remove prayers from schools or work places, while allowing Muslims to have free reign for their god. Where is the logic in that? Double standard anyone? The World is trying to take our children away from us through Draconian laws if we disagree with the views of The “LGBTQ” Sodom & Gomorrah Fascist agenda when clearly it is their agenda who not only is Anti Bible, their acts are un-constitutional acts before God. So, to the World and to Angry Christians I say this: Maybe you should look at the outer your outer circles first before looking at your own.


(E) Can We Take Action? Should We Take Action?

Absolutely. Why not? There is always room for improvement in a Christian’s life. Observe Galatians 6:10 which says, “So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” We can always engage in the Lord to ask Him to improve our minds, our hearts and our souls. We can always ask Him to help us in how to improve our actions. We can always ask Him for Discernment. But we have to ASK. We are to grow – not to be stagnant. A stagnant believer is a weed. A stagnant believer is useless and would be better off going back out into the world because they are lukewarm and neither good to God nor Man. We can help others more if and when we can and we can be more generous to others.

To the Seculars or to those of us in Christ, let us stop perpetuating the wrongful idea that Christians are a obnoxious a lot of the times. For it is God alone who knows the minds, hearts and souls of Man. He knows what is inside of the vessels who claim to follow Him. Now the world hates us. The World is always going to cast insults our way, but we certainly don’t need to help them. If you have been a Christian for a while, you may or may not know Christians who are generally the kindest, most loving, and most generous people in the world. I, for one, have seen and experienced this, more than any other faith practice or religion I have observed. I am glad and thankful to be have been surrounded by those who are trying their best to follow Him. Sure is far more than what I could say about those in other Non-Christian sectors and Cults.


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Independent right wing movement that is Anti Liberal Left. This movement believes in various elements of the Apocalypse and teaches Demonology in aspects of spiritual warfare. The I.A.J.T. Church does not endorse lax Christian church systems of today, nor does it endorse lax pastors, liberal governments nor leftist ideologies. The I.A.J.T. believes in the Christian being their own church and being more aware of apocalyptic horrors coming in a huge firestorm against the believer in Christ, which is something many pastors do not teach these days in their pulpits. They can go to church if they so desire, as long as they are being fed and properly equipped in that church.

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