Comply To Bill-89 Or Else: LGBTQ Nazi Fascists Lining Up To Steal Children From Christian & Other Homes Through New Totalitarian & Draconian Law

 Bill89 PosterRiding her high horse like a “proud champion” of Sodom & Gomorrah while containing evil spirits of Jezebel and an Anti Christ in her bones, Canadian Lesbian “Kathleen Wynne”, who is the Premier of Ontario is on a ravenous hunt. This rogue player and the LGBTQ she so sticks up for are “licking their chops” at the moment, like ravenous wolves – at the ready to slaughter innocent lambs. Their targets? Children. They are sharpening their fangs with files. For what? These Sodomites want to steal children from Christian homes IF those Christian parents teach their kids about how the LGBTQ Sodom & Gomorrah really is. In other words, if the Christian parents teach their Christian children about the evils of Sodom & Gomorrah and how the LGBTQ fits that mold and why, those Christian parents will LOSE their children. The nerve of the World. They live a Satanic life and WE as Christians have to COMPLY with it, OR ELSE? They can go straight to Hell. The LGBTQ fascist militants want to come into Christian homes and mentally, as well as spiritually, RAPE their children. You have another thing coming if you think true followers of Christ will hand over their kids to a bunch of your ravenous wolves. You would be making a critical mistake.. 

Sodom & Gomorrah wants to come into Christian churches with the help of “Big Brother” to pollute the flock with their evil ways. They want to strong arm Christian schools to accept GSA (Gay/Straight Alliances) aka EGA (Evil/Good Alliances) or face penalties – such as what Alberta NDP Education Minister David Eggen did with two Christian schools in Alberta by acting like a Nazi Brown Shirt.

Why do people allow themselves to be so manipulated and bullied like this? It’s the Hideous Left, that’s why. Many people are afraid of expressing their views against a wrongful act or lifestyle because they don’t want to be mis-labeled under slanderous “phobia” classifications by these Liberal Leftists or by groups who abuse Leftist ideologies for their own selfish means. The word “Phobia” which is erroneously attached to words and spat out by the Left to those who they target for attack are primarily done with one chief motive – diversion. When an opposer is called a “Xenophobe” because they oppose illegal immigration or the absurd title of “Islamophobe” (a pathetic term that Muslims & the Left LOVE to abuse) because they oppose the doctrines of Islam, or a “Homophobe” because they disagree with the LGBTQ actions, such words are used as diversions to create chaos and a smokescreen. For what reason? To pull people away from the main issues at hand. The ideologies of the Left are beyond Satanic. The Left resorts to demonizing tactics, witch hunts, threats and violence to anyone who so much as disagrees with them. These are simply Nazi fascist tactics. Domestic Terrorists operate this way and the Left is just that – Domestic Terrorists. Do your research if you don’t believe me. 

Kathleen Wynne is NOT rational. A month ago or more, she wanted to abolish the titles of “Mother” & “Father” from parental roles because they had male/female “gender tie ins” to such titles. What was she going to replace those titles with? Ms. Wynne was going to replace “Mother” & “Father” with “Parent” or “Parents.” Can you believe that? Seriously? Such a decision by this woman is not a normal one. Secondly, this is the same woman who spent $200,000.00 on a giant rubber duck, ok? I’m serious. She could have given that money to the Food Bank or to other programs for the needy. But no, she doesn’t do that. And now she wants to get on her high horse and think she can just waltz right into people’s homes and take their children from them so they can get allegorically raped? If she thinks that Christians – True Christians – will just sit idly by and let Babylonian Sodomites take their children away so they can be re-indoctrinated into a Satanic way of life, she has another thing coming. Some of us will not go so quietly into the night. True Christians will not allow their children to be spiritually & psychologically raped by Leftist Babylonian Sodomites.

And do NOT think this will affect just Christian homes either. Anyone, I repeat, ANYONE who disagrees with the whole LGBTQ Agenda, in whole or in part, will lose their kids. This means Hindus, Buddhists, Orthodox Jews, Atheists, Agnostics or anybody else who doesn’t agree with the LGBTQ Nazi fascist agendas are also at risk of losing their kids. Families will be affected by this new Nazi styled occupation – – except the Muslim families of course. They won’t be affected, right? This is because the Libs are buddies with them, right? Of course! Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the case. Double standards ride well with Liberal lefties. Now, IF the Christian families are being targeted ONLY, well then, Ms. Wynne’s actions, as well as the similar actions committed by other militant Christian haters are simply hideous and despicable..

Now I’m not saying that Sodomites are hideous people. Some of them are very nice individuals. However, it’s their lifestyles that are simply not normal, nor Scripturally acceptable before God.. Even Science proves their acts are not normal nor justified. No regardless of that, I do not wish any harm on them. They are human beings with dreams and aspirations just like the rest of us. They just need the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives to deliver them from the evil forces that so possess them and fill their heads and flesh with carnal lies. With what happened in Florida at the gay night club and the Muslim terrorist shooter, that was wrong and simply abhorrent. I just don’t care to have evil doers come into my church home like Nazi Brown Shirts and tell me how to live my life. If the LGBTQ want to be as they are, no matter how wrong it is, go ahead – it’s their choice. We just don’t need it flaunted in our faces, nor do we need to have it rammed down our throats, especially through fascist means. That’s when you are asking for trouble. Are Christians kicking down doors of Sodomites and demanding they change or face persecution? NO. Instead, it is the LGBTQ who are doing that to US. So who is the real enemy here? Who is the real pervert here?

The tide is making a drastically sharp turn for the worst in this day & age. Hideousness has MORE than become the norm. This world is in the mouth of madness. If you think it’s bad now, this world hasn’t even been swallowed and digested by the evil that so engulfs it yet. So let us Christians see if we understand the World’s “criteria” now: We are to teach our children that “abnormal is now normal?” We are to teach our children that “Evil is now good and good is now evil?” And if we don’t comply with the “status quo” of today’s predominantly evil world, we will be silenced with extreme prejudice, is that correct? What are you, truly insane? Do you really want to burn forever in Hell Fire with no way out? Has The World, so caked with Evil now, truly jumped head first off of a cliff? Apparently so. People are diving towards Satan in droves.

The Scriptures warn Christians that Evildoers will rise up against God’s people in the latter days before Christ’s return. And Kathleen Wynne seems to be one of the champion horse riders who is solidifying that prophecy – along side of other rogue riders of Satan’s Army who hate Christ, hate the true God, hate the Bible and who are trying to stifle the Cross. Why? It exposes their wickedness & abominations, that’s why. Evil hates Good, Darkness hates the Light and Ms. Wynne & the LGBTQ minions seem to demonstrate that with their deeds. Brothers & Sisters in Christ, if the Satanic minions of Babylon are looking for war, they will get one. Stand for the Word of God and for your rights. Are you going to let evil doers overrun your churches to bastardize them with perversion? And now are you going to let evil doers come into your homes and spiritually rape your children by indoctrinating them into a Doctrine of Hell? We are seeing how increasingly irrational and just how delusional the World is becoming – day after day it seems.

Now to anyone who calls me a “homophobe”, spare me your Leftist Snowflake title of nothing but ignorance. Do you know the real definition of a Homophobe? A Homophobe is someone who is AFRAID to speak out against such atrocities for the fear of being demonized. There’s your “phobes.” Got it? Do you want to know what a “Christ-a-phobe” is? Well, look at your self and look at what’s being done against Christians. There’s your FEAR.

Let’s make this very clear: The LGBTQ Fascist agenda are like Nazi Brown Shirts in “lock-step” formation. Their rogue agenda is an attempt at a white knuckled power swipe to strip Christianity from our society and to force devout Christians to deny Jesus, deny the Bible, deny their faith, deny their clean values and submit to a sinful & dirty agenda; or face varying levels of demonizing attacks or witch hunts and the tyranny of severe legal punishments. Make no mistake about it: These rogue actions smell like Domestic Terrorism to me. That’s because it IS Domestic Terrorism. This is all part of the Liberal Leftist agenda, people. Simply put, they are Domestic Terrorists.

According to this new law that was passed in Canada, parents who offer ANY opposition to or criticism of the LGBTQ agenda, in whole or in part, will be considered as potential “child abusers” and may have their children taken away by the state. Now that is just plain pathetic. Let me get this straight: Christians teach their children that the LGBTQ are spiritually wrong and why their acts are Hellbound. So, as a result, those parents will lose their children to the state where those children will be re-indoctrinated by an Anti Christ system that is going to Hell? Will the REAL “potential child abusers” please stand up?

Allegorical Nazi fascism anyone? To Kathleen Wynne, I simply say this: Do not open doors you are not prepared to walk through. True Christians will not obey the “laws of the land” if those laws try to supersede God’s Laws. Remember that. Hell is a very hot place to end up in, Ms. Wynne and with no way out once you end up there. You are a Demon Inhibitor. Repent of all your evil ways and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Come to your senses, flush out your Satanic nonsense and get right with God. With the lifestyles and modes you are in now, they are nothing but Hellbound.. Another thing, Ms. Wynne: STOP YOUR SICK SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS, BACK OFF, AND LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE..

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LINK 2: The Draconian Methods Of Bill-89: LGBTQ Fascists Lining Up To Steal Children From Christian Homes Through New Pro-Sodomite Law


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Independent right wing movement that is Anti Liberal Left. This movement believes in various elements of the Apocalypse and teaches Demonology in aspects of spiritual warfare. The I.A.J.T. Church does not endorse lax Christian church systems of today, nor does it endorse lax pastors, liberal governments nor leftist ideologies. The I.A.J.T. believes in the Christian being their own church and being more aware of apocalyptic horrors coming in a huge firestorm against the believer in Christ, which is something many pastors do not teach these days in their pulpits. They can go to church if they so desire, as long as they are being fed and properly equipped in that church.

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